PTAB Bar Association: Call for Proposed Nominees for Officers and Non-Officer Directors

Dear Members:

The nominations and election process has begun, and the Nominations Committee is seeking a robust slate of committed, diverse nominees for new Officers (Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and non-Officer Directors of the PTAB Bar Association.  Because new Officers and Non-Officer Directors are elected during the Annual Meeting which will be held at the annual conference March 9, 2023, we require that any suggestions for nominees be submitted to the Nominations Committee by January 11, 2022.

The Nominations Process

The nominations and election process is described and governed by the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Association.  Information regarding the composition of the Board and Nominations Committee appears at the end of this communication.

As noted above, election of nominees will occur at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Association, which will be held on March 9, 2023 at the annual conference. 

Our Request To Members

The Nominations Committee is seeking candidates broadly representative of the diversity of our membership, who can help the association fulfill its vision through education, outreach, collaboration, and advocacy.  As we head into our sixth year, we are looking forward to fostering the ongoing collaboration that we enjoy with the PTAB community.

The PTAB Bar Association continues to seek to preserve and promote the highest professional and ethical standards among lawyers and stakeholders who appear before the PTAB. The Committee is looking for nominees who can continue to foster constructive dialogue between the bar community, the PTAB, and other stakeholders throughout the country. 

Submissions regarding proposed nominees should include a brief statement about why the proposed nominee is a good candidate for the relevant position, and confirmation that the proposed nominee is willing to serve in the relevant position, if elected.  To help the committee to fully consider nominations, please include the following information:

1)    a description of the proposed nominee’s past involvement in the Association (including any leadership roles);

2)    a description of the proposed nominee’s past contributions to the Association and when they were made;

3)    how a proposed nominee might advance the Association's core values of diversity and inclusion, as reflected by our policy statement and also with respect to other factors such as experience, size and type of firm or organization, geographic location of practice, and type of practice before the PTAB (e.g., trials or ex parte appeals).

Please contact the members of the Nominations Committee with questions, comments, and/or suggested nominees.

Composition Of The Board

Pursuant to the automatic succession provisions of the Bylaws, the current President-Elect, Teresa Rea, will become the next President.  The current President, David Higer, will transition to Immediate Past President (an honorary director position).  The current Vice President, Monica Grewal, will become President-Elect.  The current Secretary is Lily Rin-Laures, and the current Treasurer is Gene Lee. The positions of Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are subject to nomination and election. 

The four Directors whose current three-year terms are scheduled to end this year are Courtenay Brinckerhoff, David Cavanaugh, David O’Brien, and Megan Raymond.  Pursuant to the Bylaws, all Directors whose terms are ending are eligible for election to another term.

This Year’s Nominations Committee

The members of this year’s Nominations Committee (which will be formally confirmed at the Board’s February meeting) are: Mita Chatterjee (; Gaby Higgins (; Jenn O’Connell (; Tom Rozylowicz (; Jon Wright (; Debbie Yellin (; and Megan Raymond (, Chair.


The Nominations Committee