PTAB Bar Association Finalizing 2024 Diversity Committee Survey - May 22, 2024

The PTAB Bar Association Diversity Committee is finalizing the 2024 Diversity Committee Survey, and we are asking for your cooperation.

Last year, we embarked on a mission to identify and recognize the top diverse practitioners appearing before the PTAB. With your invaluable support, we made significant progress towards our goal of compiling a report highlighting the Top 100 Diverse Practitioners in this domain.

Diversity encompasses a multitude of dimensions, and for our report, we are considering diversity in terms of racial/ethnic representation, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, and military service.

If you are an eligible individual and are interested in contributing to this report, please contact the PTAB Bar Association Diversity Committee at  If you know of someone that is eligible and would be interested, please forward this request to them. If your organization includes a designated diversity administrator, please provide their contact information to us.

We deeply respect individuals' preferences regarding participation and identification in such reports and understand if some may choose not to partake. We will not include anyone without a confirmation of their willingness to participate and the criteria under which they are comfortable being identified. 

If you have any questions regarding the Diversity Committee Survey, please contact